Water Bottle vs Water Dish? Debate

Topic: My question today regards the great water bottle debate, I use one personally and have never had any issues. However, someone pointed out to me that if I used a water bottle for birds that all Jean-Luc has to do is lick it to get his water. Jean-luc tends to bite his water bottle nozzle but I don’t know how problematic that can be in the long run. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks!



@Reply: Bowls/Bottles is really personal preference. If he is biting at it, it could cause issues with his teeth in the long run. So,e hogs have been known to break their teeth on bottles, some chew on the bottle their whole life, it just depends on individual hogs and their genes.

I gave both my girls the choice. They were both raised with bottles. They both chose to drink from bowls. I don’t mind to wash the bowls out every day and give fresh. Some hogs tip theirs, mine never have, and some hogs poop in theirs, mine never have.

@Reply: Like she^ said, it’s personal preference. My Nigel has always used a water bottle. When I got him as a baby, his breeder had been using them. I offered him a water bowl and bottle at first but he always went for the bottle so I’ve stuck with it and have never had any issues. But my other two babies, both drink from bowls. And they’ve not had any issues either. I don’t mind changing out the water daily or anytime they get food or anything in it. He poops in his once in a while but only takes a minute to clean and re-fill it. So it’s really all about what you’re most comfy with.

hedgie water bottle@Reply: Thanks for your input. Ill have to try giving him a water dish but I think I’m more curious about the bird water bottle, does anyone have experience with those?

@Reply: Another point to the debate is that when people do have issues – like tongues getting caught (ive seen pictures that are horrible) its really really bad, for me it’s just a risk id rather not run not hassle at all to have a bowl

@Reply: My hedgehog would not use a water bottle.

@Reply: Please remember that there are safe bottles for hedgies. The tongue injuries we have seen (And yes, they’re horrid) came from using the wrong bottle. A spring loaded bottle should not be used for a hedgehog. Regular bottles with the gravity ball, are perfectly safe, and again, are just a preference.

@Reply: Water bottles are often more sanitary! Owners who have loose bedding usually use bottles. Since you have fleece so I would try both and see which one he takes to!

@Reply: which brands of water bottles have a gravity ball? I’m almost 99% sure that’s what my hedgies waterbottle is , but hmm

@Reply: I personally like the bowl because they don’t have to work too hard to get the water out and it’s more natural.

@Reply: My girl was using a water bottle when I got her, and after a few weeks I noticed she started biting the nozzle… I did some research, and put a water bowl next to her water bottle, and after a night or two of figuring it out, she’s been drinking out of the bowl ever since. She’s pooped in it once or twice, but I obviously cleaned it well, and just moved it to a different area in the cage. She’s been doing great for months now!

@Reply: Ouch! That sound is worse than the sound of someone grinding their teeth at night. And for that damage, we humans have to go to the dentist! Cait, I’m with you in being concerned since he obviously uses it to bite on so vigorously.

@Reply: you can tip the bottle back and if the ball rolls with it it’s not spring loaded, if you tip the bottle back and the ball stays where it is, it’s a spring.

@Reply: A little nibble here and there, with mostly using the nose/mouth to engage it, is totally normal, and not something that’s going to be a problem.

@Reply: if you turn your bottle upside down, and the ball moves, it’s a gravity ball. I have heard that lixit is a great brand for bottles, and it’s what our rodents use because of the reviews I saw here.

@Reply: I have the kaytee chew proof glass & stainless steel waterbottle with double ball bearings or something the info said.

@Reply: I’ve found that positioning the bottle higher than you think it should be makes it easier for the hog to drink. My first hog chewed on it a bit and I think it’s because he was having trouble getting water out. Moved it higher and he stopped biting it completely.