Top Rated Breeders that Ship at an EXPERT Level

Shipping hedgehogs can be a scary topic to think about. These exotic pets need certain habitat aspects to be healthy at all times and that’s why this list is going to help you. I’ve decided to do some crazy homework and figure out the top RATED hedgehog breeders that ship hedgies at an expert level. I’ve also included a comments section for you guys to comment and share your experiences to help others.

*Note: this list is not specifically in order.. but instead just listing the top 10. It might be advised to find the nearest to your location (shipping your hedgehog less distance).





storybook hedgehog

Storybook Hedgehogs is a top-quality hedgehog breeder in northern Utah. We were the first USDA licensed hedgehog breeder in the state (license number #87-A-0044). We have been breeding since 2009 (starting with just one pair), and we have owned and loved hedgehogs for even longer! We place an emphasis on quality, not quantity, breeding first and foremost for health and temperament.

Feel free to search our website for information on our herd and on hedgehogs in general. If you have any questions, please email us at

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twisted quills hedgehogs



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Posted by Guest:
I’m getting ready to HOPEFULLY get my first hedgie. I’m curious about experience anyone has had with Volcano View Hedgehogs in Port Orchard, Wa. TIA

@Reply: they’re great and very helpful and always take great care of all their hog babies. Actually, many of the links available to help new owners out usually comes from their website. I don’t have a hedgie from them, but everyone here in the group highly enjoys their hog babies and are known.

@Reply: Volcano View has some of the best lines in the country. I don’t have a hedgie from them yet, but both Jean and Nick have been very helpful with all issues I have had with my hogs, most especially, when it came to figuring out diets, as they both have very different needs. Jean also makes some of the most gorgeous hedgie stuff.

@Reply: I have several hedgehogs from her, and adore each of them! She is a meticulous breeder– she is very selective about using the healthiest, longest lived bloodlines, and she puts in a lot of work ensuring new owners have proper education. She even goes so far as to require photos of set ups and food, which is very time consuming for her, but it’s a testament to how seriously she takes her commitment to her babies. Great hedgehogs, great breeder! I have plenty more references I can PM you if you’d like.

@Reply: Jean’s one of the best out there. She is extremely knowledgeable & always more than willing to answer questions. My dream vacation is to fly to Portland, OR to visit my best friend & then go get a baby from Volcano View.

@Reply: I have purchased two babies from Jean. I highly recommend them.

Posted by Guest:
JEAN/Volcano View IS THE BEST.
When I bought my wheel and sleeping bags, I realized I would need them sooner than Etsy said they would be delivered. I got everything today and I am SO HAPPY!!! Whoever I bring home Sunday is all ready to go. Thank you so much!!!!!

Posted by Missy N:
What’s yalls opinions on shipping hedgies?

@Reply: It’s completely fine and safe if done properly(: if you have the money to do it and wait until the right weather, it’s a perfectly acceptable way of getting a hedgehog!

@Reply: It depends on the time of year, how long the flight is, etc. I don’t think it’s ideal….let’s just say that.

@Reply: I’ve also had a hog shipped to me. Although there were a few delays – she came to me just fine! I think if the weather is right, and they’re put in the proper cages/carriers it’s perfectly fine. Plenty of breeders ship!

@Reply: What’s the best ideal weather?

@Reply: Make sure the place you are referring to is reputable and not some backyard breeder or supplier.

@Reply: Is this your first hedgehog? Can you not find one near you? You have to wait until spring…and of course it depends on where they are coming from. It is better to go get the hedgie in the car if possible.

@Reply: If I were going to have a hedgehog shipped it would be from a very well known reputable breeder who probably has a lengthy waiting list, not just any breeder who has one available.

@Reply: If you’re willing to get one shipped id look at storybook hedgehogs as well as volcanoview hedgehogs! Both extremely good breeders and ship! They have lengthy waiting lists but it’s worth it for such an amazing hedgie!

@Reply: My opinion is that $200-$300 more to have a hedgehog shipped when you’re already paying $200 for a hedgie seems crazy. I searched high and low for a place that I could drive to instead.