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Posted by Natalie H:
I live in Texas and just bought a hedgehog. I have a question. Question about bugs. I just got mealworms,super worms what type of meal do I put in their to tote.

@Reply: Wheat bran . Crushed cheerios. Some potato slices for water source.

@Reply: Don’t do the bran, it sours easy and stinks. Put them in whole oats and that’s sufficient. I have superworm, mealworm & dubia farms I started and I dumped one because the bran stunk so bad. smile emoticon.

@Reply: If you’re just feeding them and not breeding stick a celery stick, carrot replace 1x week, depends where you’re at. Superworms have a long shelf life. I’ve had meal worms pupae in Bernadettes’ dig bowl and in the fridge. Keep ‘e, cool just to feed so they stay dormant. I feed ’em room temp, not cold.

@Reply: If you’re breeding superworms the veggies/fruits put in have to be left alone. It’s where they lay their eggs.

@Reply: Whole oats as in the oat meal stuff ? Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I just have no idea I ordered a 10 $ package ad it will last my boy about 2 months so it’s worth it to me instead of paying 5$ for 50 worms.

@Reply: I’m not breeding just trying to keep them alive.

@Reply: Oat bran is good – I have a mealie farm and have never had problems with it souring or stinking as long as I keep the veggies changed out in it. Even then it only turned color and didn’t stink. You can get it at a natural / organic grocery store. If you don’t have that around, then whole oats (old fashioned, not quick cooking or instant). You can get a box at the regular grocery store. Store in fridge to make them last longer. Take them out once a week for an overnight and put in a couple of slices of carrot or a couple of chunks of potato. Take out the next day and put them back in the fridge.

@Reply: oat bran ftw, it’s what I use for bedding for my supers.

@Reply: where are you at? It may be the high humidity here? It’s my first time worm farming. I made one just oats & 1 oats n bran to see what worked best. The bran one got sour smelling & got moldy looking under the same circumstances as plain oats. This is Louisiana though.

@Reply: What about the cockroaches? What would they eat..



Posted by Henry I:
Anyone near Austin Texas there is a free hedgehog missing an eye and they believe it has mites….

@Reply: maybe let Hedgehog Welfare society know, there might be a rescuer that can help.

@Reply: She’s a rescue station in Texas. Maybe she can help point in the right direction. Maybe this shelter would take the hedgie http://www.operationkindness.org/opk/

@Reply: If i had the room and could hide another hedgie from my bf, I would.

@Reply: poor baby, why didn’t they take care of it before finding a home.

@Reply: Cuz they say mites is costly…..mites isn’t even that pricey I soul be worried about the rotting eye.

@Reply: I have room but Austin is 4+ hours away..

@Reply: Yeah austin is like 2 hours for me.

@Reply: If someone can take him, I can meet up with that person somewhere nearby.I just can’t take him to my place due to my rescue is barely just recover from mites.

@Reply: I can take him but there is no way I can pay for his eye if they have to do surgery…plus I live in San Antonio frown emoticon.

@Reply: Let me see if a shelter will take him in.

@Reply: Or a train to Houston.



Posted by Jessie N:
New hedgehog owner from Texas. Now I know here we get A LOT of concerns from new Hedgehog owners about when their hedgie will warm up to them, how long it will take etc…
It’s honestly different with every hog.
This is my hedgehog, she is probably one of the most unsocial hedgehogs I’ve dealt with. ( to be fair she has never bitten me though)

My friend and I picked her up a year and 3 months ago from a girl who we suspect completely neglected her and she had no heat and was on newspaper in a metal cage.
I will restate. This progress took over a year. You can see she goes right back to her huffy self at the end of the video.
Hedgehogs are not great pets for everyone but a lot of us love them with all of our heart. They require a lot of patience. Specially if you take in a rescue.
So about the actual video:
Earlier I had a bath with her and we played in the tub for 30 minutes or so. I love bath time because it’s the only time I get snuggles from her.
So she was drying off in front of the heater while I laid on the floor and watched videos on my phone. And after about 45 minutes or so she all of a sudden started licking me. Thankfully I got video.
I am honestly crying tears of joy. This has made me so happy to know she doesn’t mind me sometimes as long as I’m not startling her with noise.
I’ve come to terms she will never be cuddly or a snuggle baby and I’m totally okay with that because I love her too much anyway. I know other things that make her happy. Like meal worms…
Note: My hedgehog we believe was born with 3 of her feet missing her toes but she still does just fine. This has a couple clear shots of them.

@ReplyI am working on the same situation. As far as I know I am her 3rd home, I will be her final home. Miss Grumps even pops and huffs in the bath. The ONLY time I get to see her move around is if she is trying to get out of the bath, or I set her down out in the open and she is searching for a place to hide, even then the quills and hood are up and forward. I love her despite her grumpiness, it has actually become part of her charm. She even huffs and pops when I have her in a snuggle bag. I do miss my snuggles from Daisy, but nie I get to “torture” Miss Grumps even more with even more attention. I have found, since giving her VV treats, I hear her out moving around earlier than before (she used to wait until it was dark and silent). Now she comes out throughout the day and night looking in her dig box for treats smile emoticon. Time to order more for backup!

@ReplyOne foot? ! I am lucky to get more than 1 nail! I just had my own break through! Gave her a foot bath, had to pivk fuzx out of her quills (GEEZ!), then was just sitting there, not moving and she quite huffing and popping! As long as I didn’t move/breath/have a pulse and nothing made ANY movement or noise, she just sat there. A quilly ball. I felt her nose on my hand. YAY! It’s been about 15 months. I will take the “little” victories, for her they are giant leaps!

@Replyi’m not sure if it will help you or not, but with my rescues i put on leather gloves so i can handle them and pet them and hold them. i DO NOT handle them softly. i handle them just as i would if they were not balls of huff and puff. i have had yui for going on 5 months now and she has begin to associate the smell of the gloves with ” handling time”. they actually calm her down. we have found that if we DON”T pull her out of her cage with the gloves first she stays a ball of puff. but with he gloves she lays out flattens out and almost becomes snuggly. they sooth her in a way. it also allows us to handle her comfortable and snuggle her against her will. she has giving in to the cuddles and pets and has begin to look forward to them now. she still is hissy and poppy but no where near what she was. we can even take one glove off now and pet her bare handed and my hubby is working on taking both gloves off and barehanded holding her. he has tougher hands than i do. but it seems to be working.

@ReplyThat is definitely one technique to use. Personally I do prefer to use my bare hand and I always have her in a snuggle sack.

I’ll have to post a example layer but my favorite trick is the Hoodie trick. I put a hoodie on backwards and put her in the ho
od. Then she is against my heart and smelling me and hearing me. Although it’s too hot to do this in the summer I also have a newborn baby wrap that I use for the hedgehogs too.

I just want her to know that I’m safe and not going to hurt her rather then getting her used to petting. That goal is just for her though since i suspect she was neglected. My other rehome hedgehog has much more potential to tolerate petting them her.