Top South Dakota Hedgehog Breeders

Even though South Dakota may seem “off the grid” a bit.. the popularity of pet hedgehogs there is on the rise. There are a good amount of breeders in the state and were happy to bring to you some of the best we have seen. This list of breeders has a high reputation and you will have great luck with them. Don’t be afraid to comment below on your experiences to help others.

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Black Hills region of South Dakota




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@Reply: Have you ever wanted something so bad you would sell you soul if you could. I use to have a hedgehog when lived back in South Dakota in the mid nineties. After seeing all your pictures i realize how much I miss having one. It sucks living in Delaware as you really can’t find anything except for very common critters.

@Reply: there’s quite a few pretty good hedgehog breeders in maryland and NJ! if you’re willing to travel an hour or two you could definitely own a hedgie again. PM me if you want, I’ve gotten a hedgie in both states so I have the name of two good breeders!

@Reply: t I have 6 hedgehogs. You can find them, if bought from a pet store they are very expensive though. To adopt, fill out a form on Hedgehog Welfare Society’s website, and if approved and one comes available, I can contact you.

@Reply: I live in Delaware!! I have baby hedgehogs that were born 1/27/2014…she had 3 but unknow genders as they still too young to handle (only know the number because she is a great mom and let me peak from a safe distance when she was getting a drink).

@Reply: Needing help of my other hedgie mamas! Lady in South Dakota selling a hedgie. I’m very concerned about her going to a good home. Anyone else up here that can help me make sure she gets somewhere good?

@Reply: I found this on one them online garage sale sites and it concerns me as hedgies are pretty rare in my area!

@Reply: Where in South Dakota?

@Reply: Pierre

@Reply: How much? That’s 4 hours from me.

@Reply: 200 they are listing her as. White with dark eyes.

@Reply: Does she come with anything.

@Reply: Her tub wheel and good. They said she’s very friendly and has had lots free range time.

@Reply: If u get here and she’s not on good food I can get u a small container of ours. We give our girl purina.

@Reply: I have really good food for my male it wouldn’t be for at least a week and I’d have to get the money together hopefully we can find someone closer.

@Reply: I’m curious to know if it’s okay for hedgehogs to have any salt? I’ve read that they can’t, and that it’s bad for them (electrolyte imbalance, and such.) But one of my friends said that she read that it can sometimes be beneficial so she sees no harm in feeding her’s a little bit with their scrambled eggs. I can’t really find much info about it though, so I was wondering if any of you knew & could help enlighten me?

@Reply: First let me say that Reggie was just at the vet yesterday..
I got him out today, huffed like usual when i first held him but calmed down in my lap eventually. When I peeked in his snuggle bag there was crusted throw up (i mean i think its throw up??) on some fleece.. He got out of his bag and under the blanket and when I peeked on him there he was laying in his pee puddle and this slimey thing was in the middle…… I just want him to be okay ugh he had an ingrown quill yesterday and now this