Shaking & Wobbling Hedgie??

Topic: I think she tried to go into hibernation she shakes when she walks or is there something wrong?



@Reply: There is a wobbly hedgehog syndrome too.?

@Reply: Usually when I put her down she runs like crazy bit now she barely moves.

@Reply: How long has she been wobbling? Was her belly cold?? If she was cold, you need to get her out of that water right now.

@Reply: Get her out of the water right now, she can go into shock if you warm her too quickly. Put her under your shirt and use skin-to-skin contact to warm her up.
Feel her belly, if it’s cold, she attempted to hibernate.

@Reply: what is the cage area temp? Because if temps were good, then would agree.. maybe early WHS.

@Reply: WHS is a very slow moving illness. It does not onset over night.

@Reply: She is doing better now. Thanks guys. I got her nice and warm. Now she’s running around.

@Reply: This is exactly how I found out my bow had tried to hibernate last year, luckily I felt his belly before he got into the water! I find a hot water bottle with a thick cover and a few towels so the heat gets to the hedgie slowly works a treat. He was running around in no time.

@Reply: Glad to hear she is running around. For future reference, make sure you are checking your cage temp regularly, and you should also bump your temp up a couple degrees, as once a hedgie has had an attempt they’re more likely to try again.

Please remember that putting a cold hog in water is one of the most unsafe things you can do, as the warmth can put them into shock, and the wet chill once they are removed from water can do irreparable damage. For a cold hog, under your shirt, skin to skin is the best and safest method for warming them up.

@Reply: Mine is doing this too. Only had her about 2 weeks and she was very active at first but now she isn’t. I’ve moved her cage today into the warmest room in our house. To see if that helps.

@Reply: What is the temperature in her cage?

@Reply: Okay. Thanks for the info. I took her out as soon as you guys said to. I’m moving her into a diff room and going to bump the heat up a bit. Thank you guys very much!!! It scared me.

@Reply: The same as our house. Older home with open floor plan. I’m putting her cage on a end table. I don’t think it’s warm enough in the living room. She’s also been fed meal worms too much from previous person so that’s been a issue too.

@Reply: The bathroom is always 10 degrees warmer.

@Reply: I had thought pumpkin attempted but now I’m thinking it was her liver failure.

@Reply: Hedgehogs need their own source of heat. Relying in your houses thermostat to maintain an appropriate hedgehog temperature is very dangerous, as given the size of the room, the amount of windows, drafts, and cage placements, it could be 10 degrees difference.

Do you have a thermometer on the cage so you know her temperature?

@Reply: It is super important for the health and well being of your hog, that you get a heat setup going ASAP. Most pet stores will have digital thermometers for $5-10. There is a file dedicated to heating in the group files, if you click the group banner.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you are maintaining the correct temps for your hogs. Hibernation is fatal in APH. The stress their little bodies go through with repeated attempts is not good for them.

@Reply: What heating system do you recommend ? She has a large wire cage with a plastic bottom.

@Reply: The quickest one to get would be a space heater, which you can play with to make sure she stays at the right temperature, but you will definitely notice it on your electric bill.

IMG_1254The best option is to get a CHE bulb (ceramic heat emitter, emits only heat, no light) a clamp lamp, and a thermostat. It’s pricier, to start up, but it’s cheaper in the long run on your electric bill, and also will only heat the cage, and not the whole room.

Both of these options, you still need a digital thermometer, to make sure you know the exact temp.

If you click the group banner, and go to files, the heat file has links or all the things you need, on Amazon, which is the cheapest place to get them.

@Reply: I will do that. Thank you for the information.

@Reply: I have two hedgies and I just wanted to know what it looks like when they go/try to hibernate? Do they ball up and not move?

@Reply: Yeah that seems to be the most common. Very tightly balled, will not unball. If you’re able to feel their belly, it’s cold. Noticeably cold.

Damn enter button. If they haven’t gotten to that stage yet, then yes, it presents very much like what is shown in the video. Sluggish behavior. Wobbly. Walking funny. Also usually, still cold to the touch.

@Reply: Will they hiss or click at you while trying/hibernating?

@Reply: Yes. Which, for me was part of how I knew it was off, because Sprinkles is not a hissy hog. I came home from work, and her temp was 74.3. Her food bowl was untouched, which, was also STRANGE, cause my girl likes to eat. When I removed the igloo she was in the ball of hate and hissing, which is completely unlike her.

Now, I have a hog who is also very huffy, very hissy, very defensive, and I wouldn’t have had as many clues that something was amiss, if it was her who was cold, because that’s not so much outside the realm of her normal behavior, which is why it’s so important to make sure you are keeping up with your temps.

@Reply: Okay just wondering so I can make sure that never happens thanks you.

@Reply: I came home to a cold 60° room breaker threw I didn’t know. my heggie was in a tight ball and every quill standing out… I touched her and nothing stirred… nothing.. I said oh no…. it was warm towels, a heater and her close to me… in a about 1 1/2 she came around… scary is not the word to describe how I felt… but she is OK..