Prices & Cost of Hedgehogs? How much

Topic: How much money should I expect to pay for a hedgehog in mid-central united states? I’m seeing a wide spectrum of prices and don’t know what to expect?? are lower prices not as good bloodlines??



@Reply: Around here (Iowa) they usually sell for $125-$200, depending on their coloring and facial markings. Darker in color usually sell for more.

@Reply: I have a huge list of all the breeders already. Just wondering what differences in prices really mean??? and what is a middle of the road PRICE “sort of say”

@Reply: Sometimes a price difference can mean a more “rare” color or sometimes I’ve seen females go for more than males. Sometimes albinos are the cheapest. I don’t think it means the lines are better or worse, at least not that I’ve ever heard.

@Reply: Also age can determine cost. Older ones go for much cheaper. They are very good pets if you do your research before buying one. Setting up their cage is the hardest part in my personal opinion.

@Reply: Prices here in florida are 100-200 but ive seen 250. Non licenced breeders are typically $150.. theres a good breeder thats 200.. just ask around sometimes price is quality. I just spent $200 to take in a mom and her babies as rescues..plan to keep them all.

@Reply: In VA Beach they’re usually $200-$375 from a licensed breeder. Non breeders run from $80-$200.

@Reply: I’m in NW Indiana, when I started researching before we got Marie, I consistently found $150.

@Reply: Here in Indiana price from $185-$200

hedgehog@Reply: I paid $80 in indiana – he is 5 months and wasn’t given a lot of attention- I think power of the mind took over because at the beginning of the summer I finally gave in and said yes to a hedgie If we could find one for $80- i was thinking that was impossible because i was usually seeing them between 2-3 hundred. Low and behold my daughter said she visioned it every single night that we would find him for the right price and we did- came w/ food cage carier sleep bags the whole nine yards- Only thing this boy didnt come with was a wheel and a bath!!! Oh We him so much!!!

@Reply: In NC they range from 100.00 up I sell babies for 100.00 no matter color of them but I only have them every once and a while.

@Reply: I live in Michigan and typically charge $175 for babies , I typically see other breeders selling $150-$200 usely never over $200. Sometimes breeders will sell with a small mobile cage to bring them home in too.

@Reply: I think older hogs/rehomes are priced lower, while babies can be higher priced. Also albinos sometimes are cheaper. But it’s always good to check if the breeder is reliable.

@Reply: I think the average price from a good breeder (I’m in the Chicago area) is between $175-250. Some charge more for females and unusual colors.

@Reply: $150-250. Can I ask where u are?? TN hedgehog is a great place.

@Reply: I charge 125.00 for mine. just sold five babies

@Reply: Where u at?? Curious BC I may b looking for one more for Christmas.

@Reply: Menasha Wisconsin

@Reply: Ohhh, too far unless u do shipping, which I’m afraid could cost too much.

@Reply: I live in Ontario, and females tend to go less than males. Females range between 125-200, and for males its between $175 and $250. At least from what i have seen in the breeders i looked into. I got my girl as a rescue who lived in a bucket as a cage and she was originally $75 than i got the breeder down to $45. Goes to show how much she cared about her animals. Also goes to show it depends where you look. Shit-back-yard breeders, can very in any price range, high end breeders tend to charge more because of how well cared for they were and how good their health is, as well as they tend to have different bloodlines that can be more “rare”. An eg. would be a “reverse chocolate pinto snowflake” would sell for lets say $300 being female, where an african grey may only be $125.

@Reply: I paid 125 for my adult and she came with everything. She’s the cheapest I saw, as well. Most were 150-200+ with no supplies, I live in the Midwest.

@Reply: Lived in a bucket?What kind of scum does that to an animal?

@Reply: The range in price does not mean the quality of the animal. I know the mid to east charge more than I normally pay. Do check out your breeder before purchasing. Ask to if you can visit to see the place and to handle the animals. Price also depends on what you are looking for. Do you plan on possibly breeding your animal? Do you want a pet. I personally have one set price, no matter the sex, color, or if it is for show or pet. Make sure the animals you are looking at are kept clean, do their eyes seem to be bright, are they skinny, bad skin. Make sure you don’t find runny noses, or runny poo’s. Make a price range that is comfortable for you, and stay with that range. Make sure you have money set aside for a proper cage and maybe enough for a vet visit if you ever needed one.

@Reply: A very disgusting one , kept mine in a bucket, than housed 6 others together. Mine was apparently “being mean” to the other ones and she had nothing else to home her in but this bucket apparently.. and she was kept in a room with 2 or 3 small yappy dogs (cant remember how many i seen) . She had nothing but some carefresh a blanket and 2 small dishes that had poop in them. Her excuse to the poor housing was being a single mom with 2 kids she couldnt afford it. If she cant afford proper care, maybe she shouldn’t own 7 hedgehogs (can’t remember names), 3 dogs, a cat a turtle and fish if she is struggling to raise 2 kids on her own. I seriously wanted to punch her in the face when she went off about this when i expressed i wasn’t happy with how she cares for her hedgies.

@Reply: In Minnesota I see a lot of $150 for males and $175 for females. I got my girl for that price from a breeder.

@Reply: around 150-200.

Posted by Nathan B:
I was just wondering what are the things needed to have a rescue station set-up (e.g. start up cost, paperworks etc.)? We don’t have one here in my country and I’m planning on setting up one once I’m through with my studies. Would really love to know how much is needed so I could allocate some of my savings to it. Any information will be helpful smile emoticon Thank you so much!


Posted by Ashley K:
I’m looking into potential pet insurance for my quill kid, but I’m not quite sure where to look. Who do those of you that insure your hoggies go through?


@Reply: Are you in the US? If so, VPI. They are a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance. Reimburses 90%.

@Reply: Do they have vet needs that exceed what you would normally spend? Don’t you just take them if there is a problem? Just wondering as I’ve never heard of anyone insuring anything but cats and dogs with issues.

@Reply: to be honest, it’s just as important to insure your hog as your dog/cat. I know that some pricey bills can pop up with them, and it’s just better to be safe than sorry.

@Reply: I just have a savings account I have a standing order to every month. My vets has started doing a direct debit scheme to pay off big bills and regular mess as well

I don’t insure my dog either again I save.

@Reply: Took my girl for a “Well Visit”. She was doing great and it was just a check up. Vet found small traces of blood in her urine and the beginning of a UTI. After precautionary bloodwork and xrays (as she had a bit of abdominal swelling), the visit, labs, xrays and medication cost $649. I did have to pay it upfront, but VPI reimbursed 90%.

@Reply: she just illustrated why I’m looking into insurance. I like to save when I can, but sometimes life happens and you don’t have $700 just magically laying around. I realize I have medical needs, my boyfriend has medical needs, we have rent payments every month and a car that has needs of its own. I prefer to know that if my baby girl has problems, I can get her the treatment she needs no matter what else is happening.

@Reply: They do not cover routine check ups / well visits (where there are no issues discovered), but do cover any medical issue that is discovered at the well visit, as well as labs and medication. If you already know your piggie is ill, they will cover the visit, labs, medication, etc. at 90%. I don’t recall the exact amount of time, but I think you have to own your pet for 30 days before they will start coverage. (Not positive, though.)

@Reply: I actually really debated long and hard before buying it. I figured that on the “off chance” one of my quill kids got ill, I would just cover it. As hedgies are so prone to illness (and very severe illnesses, at that), it just made sense to spend the approximately $8 per month, per quill kid to get it. After the $649 vet bill, I’m sure glad I did. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

@Reply: VPI is the only one I know of that covers exotics. We’ve had them for years and would not be without it. It’s about $8 a month (they give multi pet discounts and also give a discount if you pay for a year rather than month by month). They don’t pay for wellness exams or parasites, but pretty much everything else is a $50 per illness deductible (not per vet visit), and then they pay 70-80% of everything else. I know that over the years they’ve paid us a lot more than we’ve paid them.

@Reply: Agreed! We have vpi for all of our permanent residents. We get a discount for paying for a full year, and a discount for multiple pets. If a hedgehog dies, they will reimburse you for the rest of the paid year. They also have a Facebook page and love to hear about our pets. Kayak made their Facebook page and Twitter.