Need Hedgehog Names? Boy and Girl

Topic: I need names for a new hedgehog that I just got. Let’s make a list of all your favorite names or some of the ones you maybe thought of for your hedgie. Boy and girl names too. Please and thank you for all the help 🙂


@Reply: Piglet, Lilly Bug, miss prickles, Sweet pea, Hendrix, Jaime, Peach, Dawn, Pamela, cream, Mr. Ezra, Primrose, Duke, CINNAMON, MAPLE, PANCAKE, Buckeye, Criket, Grumbles, Aurora, Potter, Ozzy, Hugo, Milo, Oliver, Aspen, Diesel, Henry, Curly Fry, Batfink

@Reply: Do a greek or roman goddess names.. they are plentiful (I have an Athena.. shes a kitten).

@Reply: Is there a meaning you’d like it to have?

@Reply: Hope. Grace.
I named my rescue mare “Liberty” and called her Libby for short.

@Reply: Xena, Warrior Princess! I named a special rescue Hope. She was very close to my heart and I miss her every day. We’d be honored if another was given the same name

@Reply: Pheonix. Means a new beginning.

@Reply: Special, hope, love, lucky, sweety, sweety pie, angel, warrior, April, Lindy, Mary, love, dove, lady, princess, Maddie, Alex, Destiny,

@Reply: I was told by a friend who has a good connection with animals that a name change for a rescue should reflect something very special to you. When the name is used you are giving the animal that much more love. For example my hedgie rescue was given the new name of Leona, in memory of my Grandad Len.

@Reply: My rescue came named as Lilly. We thought about changing it but we kept coming back to Lilly. It really is the most perfect name for her. We added “Bug” to make her officially ours. Lilly Bug.

@Reply: Serenity <—–That’s my nieces name

@Reply: Persephone, Lalafell, Piffles Rue, Bianca, Keriya (keri-ya), Kira, Tillie, Oren, Zahra, Falafel, Cybil, Saraphena. Phenix, Etna, Audrey, Icarus, Zestril and Xenobia, Xenia (Zenya), Bliss, Querida, Miracle, zephyr, Obsidian its a beautiful stone, or how about… How bout silhouette, silly for short..

@Reply: Olivia Rose, Hollyberry, Aurora, Astrid, pochihontas, Paisley, Coal,sky, thimble, Saturn,raven, robyn, pog, Rose, Amaryllis, Fantasia, Chitarah/ Xitarah, Augusta, Bronze, bronte, Vasilisa, Yuna, Rio, Onyx, Nola

@Reply: Truffle, Flower, Flip, Tips, Maleficent, Lancelot, Barlett, Pookie, Socks, spike, Lorna, Darla, Fancy, Amelia, Pixie, Titan, Rambo, Pricklypear, Spunky, Hillary, Rogue, Pootle, cadbury, Burdock, Urchin, Dumpling, Lulu, vixen, corra, willow, Isabella, Piper, Kimber, Matilda, Cactus, Priscilla,

@Reply: Prickles, fluffy, Quiliann, bernice, Prickles or Grumpy, Cookie, Quiver, Lilly or Zenith, Minnie Zinnie or just Zinnie, lady z

@Reply: I think old style names are quite cute, Betty, Dot, Beatrice, Flora, Lily, Rose, Petal, Hattie, Nellie, Letty, Pearl.

@Reply: Rose because she looks lovely but has thorns all over! or…. Lilac if mm female and dipper if male. I’m usually the best at names and she asked me to. It’s hard cause there isn’t that much personality I get to see yet! But I don’t wanna go another month and a half without a name for her.

@Reply: Pickles.. Sassy, samari, Eloise, slink, Tris, Tumbleweed, Peony,


Posted by Ashely:
Cute names for a brother and sister hedgehogs… Go!


@Reply: Hansel and Gretel? Marshmallow and lily pad, willow and meadow, If only they were both girls, then they could be The Shrew Sisters, Katara and Sokka… Ron and Ginny… Ross and Monica… Carlton and Hilary… Chuck and Ellie… Ok, I think that’s all I squeeze out of my brain today,

@Reply: Well now I’m in love with Katara and Sokka! Lol

@Reply: Don’t do Marshmallow and Lilypad, unless it’s a pair for breeding.

@Reply: I think Ross and Monica is super cute.

@Reply: Definitely not a breeding pair, they are brother and sister lol. I had to Google those names because I didn’t get it.

@Reply: Plusle and Minun, Cersei and Jaime or Cersei and Tyrion. Or Arya/Bran/Sansa/Rickon/Jon/Robb. Lyanna/Eddard. Danerys/Viserys, etc.. Tommen/Myrcella, Cloak and Dagger? Judith and carl they are brother and sister on the walking dead…. mason and margot, Punch and Judy, Samantha and Dean Winchester, Rose and David! (I’ll wait while you figure that one out), Ron and Ginny, Luke and Leia? Coco and Banilla (yes with a B), Hansel and Gretel, Sony and Cher

@Reply: Although if it was me it would be Alfie and Lily – no doubt about it:P, I don’t want to do “lovers” names since they are siblings. Lol so it’s tough.

@Reply: Alfie and lily are bro n sis. Kodo and Podo lol, even though those are ferret names on a movie, still cute. Lilo and Stitch! Haddie & Max, Alicia and Diego ( or his cousin Dora), Jane and Michael. Banks. *head nod*


Posted by Harley I:
I’m wanting to get a female hedgie soon!! I’m having withdrawals and my room feels naked without a cage in there. So, I typically wait till I see personality to name her, but I was suggested to name her skully (or skullie) and it’s kinda growing on me. What do yall think, and what other suggestions do you have?


Posted by Haley Y:
Hedgehog names please… ours is
1. Cactus Rose=nickname Cacky and when shes’ mad we call her Groucho Marx, LOL!


@Reply: We have Pedey (short for Pedroria) but he poops a lot so sometimes we call him Pooper, and then we have Ozzy and he’s grumpy a lot so we call him Grumpers.

@Reply: Derpy, Scootaloo, and Spitfire… Cactusbutt.

@Reply: We named our little lady Cyndaquil!

@Reply: This is Kohanna, her actual nickname is Koko but I call her Koki & Kokonut too.

@Reply: Caesar! It fits because I’m her personal servant.

@Reply: This is our Luna Lovegood who i affectionately call Balloona when she puffs up and is being a grouch.

@Reply: Ruby! My roommates call her Ruby the booby heheh

@Reply: Blossom…aka Ms. Huffinpuff

@Reply: Harley jean quilliam ! (Harls) or I personally call him poop.

@Reply: This is Moose, he’s kinda a grumpy bum who chases the cats. Lol


Posted by Jessica L:
Eeek, I’m excited! So we put a deposit cost or price down for first pick of a litter that will be ready on the 20th. Well, the lady just messaged me and said someone backed out of this little girl that is about 7 weeks, so she wanted to see if we wanted her instead. Turns out, this is the one my kids really wanted, anyway, so of course we’re going to snatch her up! We’ll be picking her up in 1 1/2 weeks! She’s the mostly white one, Tobiano, as I’m told. Now she needs a name! Quilldred, Miss Pokey? I need those ideas, lol.


@Reply: Should name her star the little black spot on her back looks like a perfect star.

@Reply: It kind of does, doesn’t it? And I have to rant a little bit. I just had a friend reprimand me for not finding a rescue… I tried to explain that as a first time Hedgie owner, I’m not comfortable with the amount of time and work that would go into taming it. Once I’m more experienced, then I wouldn’t have a problem with a rescue. Just irks me, lol.

@Reply: A lot of people don’t realize that “rescue” dogs and cats aren’t comparable to rescue hogs. (helpful link

@Reply: She just sent me a little video of her and she is so tame! No problems picking her up and holding her. So sweet! I can’t wait! If it wasn’t for having to wait till my husband is home from work (works out of state), then I’d be getting her now! He’s making me wait for him….jerk!

@Reply: I’m going to make a list of names and let the kids pick. I’m liking Lady Star Von Pricklebottom, or just Star for short, haha!


@Reply: Girl take it if you want it, every Cactus is unique anyway and I’m not offended at all. I’m pretty good at naming pets gonna see if I can come up with some other suggestions. We call her Cacky for short. And then if you use that name you could use her middle name to bring in her sign or Star or the name of a star, dont forget the sun is a star too. We have a pinto as well but to me since I’m a first time owner, I cant tell where her patch or patches are. But she is more khaki colored to me. So even her nickname fits just spelled it different.

@Reply: I wanted a salt and pepper but he didn’t have any but we are so in love with Cactus wouldn’t trade her for nothing, she had my heart as soon as I held her. Wishing you the same instant bond.

@Reply: but honestly, of course naming your baby is you and your families choice, I just hate when you have to explain why you named her a certain name when they don’t know it. I introduce Cactus Rose and everyone laughs even at Cacky. and when she’s grouchy I call her Groucho Marx, They laugh at that too. See my dogs name Is Sachi but on paper her real name is Versace spelled nothing like it sounds, my friend calls her Vera wang. I have other celestial books and numerology books and things like that if you want any more ideas.

@Reply: Aww that’s awesome. It’s good to get them involved in the excitement of a new baby coming home. I never got rid of my baby blankets from the twins so I have way too many so the dog and hedge hog us them now. along with the pack and play is her cage, so she has a lot of places to run and stuff. My baby is spoiled…but that’s what she’s here for, yall enjoy yall Shaymin.


Posted by Natalie R:
I have a rather odd question. I plan on getting a couple new babies as soon as I am able and I still have a lot of Amy’s old clothes (*clothes that had my scent when I had her*) on hand. Would it be safe for me to house the new babies with her old garments? Of course, I do plan on adding some “newer” clothes.


@Reply: They likely smell like your old babies and not you anymore so I would just wear a shirt for a day and sleep in it and stick that in with the new hedgehog instead of giving them an old one that smells like other hedgehogs, not you!(:

@Reply: ^ what she said. Also, you don’t wanna transfer anything bad that she may have had that you wouldn’t have known about. Just like quarantining for 30 days.


Posted by Rachelle:
Umm… Harley was making this little squealing sound I’m not quite sure how to explain it but I got a little worried… Should I be? Was he in pain? Bad dream? I have no idea but if anyone knows what I’m saying can you tell me? Lol thanks!