Nail Clipping – Best Techniques and Supplies

Nail clipping : What you need to nail clipping

The best tool to cut your hedgehog’s nails is nail clippers.  You can use a smaller pair of scissors especially made for animals, but why pay more when you have nail clippers in the house.

It is a good idea to keep some styptic powder in case you cut a nail too short.  This powder will stop the bleeding.

Handle your hedgehog with his cover or a towel but NEVER use gloves.  It will only make him more aggressive.

Nail clipping : The best technique

Your hedgehog will not like to have his nails clipped.  He will most likely try to make a ball to make your job even more difficult.  You have no choice : you need to clip them no matter what.  Nails that are too long can hurt your animal.

The best time to clip nails is right after the bath.  The nails are a lot softer and your hedgehog seems to agree more with you.

Cover your hedgehog with his cover if he is nervous.  If he doesn’t seem to mind, just use your hands.  If you can be two people to do this task, it’s even better.  One person to hold him and the other to clip the nails.

If you put your hedgehog’s back to your chest, you will have an easy access to his feet.  Slowly and gently, keep a foot tight in between your fingers and clip the nail.  It’s better to try more than once than to cut too short.  If he doesn’t appreciate it and tries to break free, give him a break.  Let him move around.  Some hedgehogs will prefer being on a table.  Place him close to the edge of the table and hold a foot.

You will find the right way to do it.  If you don’t hurt your hedgehog, then it’s a good way.  If your hedgehog tries to bite you, install a ramp with sanding paper on it.  He will walk on it and help keep his nails at a respectable length.

Nail clipping : Front & back legs

The majority of hedgehogs have longer nails on their back feet.  Make sure to always look at the back feet first.  Often you will only have to clip the nails on the back feet.