Buy a Male or Female? What Sex to Get…

Topic: I’m debating on whether I should get a boy or a girl hedgie for my first one. I really want a boy but I don’t know how to handle his uh.. boy time, if I were to see it and how to clean it off. Can you guys give me some advice? Or give me the pros and cons of having a boy or a girl?



@Reply: I have two boys and a girl… I’ve never had to clean my boys up.. and they are pretty discreet.

@Reply: My girl is pretty active, not much of a snuggler like my boys… But honestly if you didn’t know who was boys and who was the girl, they’d all be the same .. at least mine are… Pretty much no real pros n cons I can think of.

@Reply: I have only had to clean one of my boys, and only once, and a warm bath and tummy rub in the tub did it.

@Reply: With boy time, some boys are super discreet and don’t seem to have an issue. Some boys, like her little beast, Einspine, are a little more outgoing with sharing their manlyhood.

Personally, while I have girls, because that was my preference (I just didn’t see Sprinkles as a very manly name) I don’t really see boy time as a reason to not get a boy, if you want a boy. It’s just another thing to clean up, like poop and pee, and I think it’s only a big deal if you make it a bug deal, you know?

@Reply: My boy was a pig and his sperm would be all over himself, stuck in his fur and stuck all over his bedding and in his sleeping bag. From personal experience I prefer the girls.

@Reply: I just have one boy and I have never seen or had too clean up after boy time so he must be pretty discreet about it lol.

@Reply: my girl is pretty cuddly and affectionate, plus i get to buy her pink fleece blankets and other cute girly stuff lol. but i have a friend who has a boy and he is also super affectionate and cute. there really isnt much of a difference except for boy time, which doesnt even seem like that big of a deal for some hedgemoms.

@Reply: I caught my boy sucking on himself. I had no idea they did that haha. I was like “hey fez OMG IM SO SORRY GO BACK TO BOY TIME”

@Reply: It should be said that as far a a personality goes, there is no difference between the sexes. Personality is all based on the individual hog.

@Reply: My girl is fab, litter trained, clean tidy quiet can sit still for a photo hahaa my boy is nuts doesnt stop moving, impossible to litter train and is stinky. But never seen messy boy time and he is more friendly then my girl xxx

@Reply: My daughter is picking her boy up in just under 2 wks. Planned on getting girl, had name picked out and all kinds of cute pink an purple girl stuff. Went to pick her out and fell for a boy! Exchanged all the girly stuff. Lol. Wanted to avoid any extra issues with boytime. Hope we don’t regret it. He seems super loveable and couldn’t resist the sweet face! Wish us well and good luck to you in whichever you choose!

@Reply: I love having a little girl she’s so sweet and shy and I like decorating my fleece for a little girl.

@Reply: My boy has never had an issue with boy time, he’s also very tidy most of the time in his cage.

@Reply: I’ve never seen or had to clean up after my little guy! He must be very discreet!

@Reply: I’ve had both. My boy was defenitely more friendlier. Never had an issue with boy time. However I did have to clean him more frequently. He was a bit messier.

@Reply: Wait. What. OMG. I have a boy. He is 13 weeks old. I had no idea.