Keeps Hissing & Popping?? Help

Topic: Help! How am I supposed to bond if she keeps hissing


@Reply: My little guy does it too any move or noise he huffs up.

@Reply: How Do you cope?

@Reply: We just force him to sit on our laps and force human contact. Don’t react if she hisses don’t jump or anything eventually she will realize it’s no use. My little guy loves us during bath time.

@Reply: I bond with my aggressive hedgehog. He bites me and is constantly in his ball. But I can now hold him and he loves in me and gives me kisses now.

@Reply: I’ll wait for a bath, she has a ear infection.

@Reply: You just hold it. You have to. That’s the only way she’ll stop hissing and popping.

@Reply: I’m doing that it’s working some what better.

@Reply: mine hisses and pops too,, keep at it! Never give up.

@Reply: And make sure her stomach is down. So if she wants to unball she can.

@Reply: My hegdie Moosh used to do this! Lots of cuddling! I did about 2 hours worth of cuddling every day and he loved me within a week

Not saying yours will love you within the week but some of them are less defensive and stuff.

@Reply: She’s pretty defensive.

@Reply: Just love her and cuddle her a ton! It’ll show her that you’re someone she can trust it’s uber important you do it every day tho so no skipping!

@Reply: Patience. ..and its not all about you….

@Reply: Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to build trust up. It won’t just magically happen and she’ll just be like “HEY YOURE MY BESTEST FRIEND!” It took months for Skeeter to become nicer to me and now she is a cutie pie. Keep taking them out of their cage and making them ineract.

@Reply: I can post a short video of ignoring th huffing. If you’d like.

@Reply: One thing you can do to get her to come out is blow on her, like gently but where she can feel it. Then just a lot of manhandling.

@Reply: Stroke her quills down. That’s what I do with Calamity,. when she gets a little huffy.

@Reply: just remember that she is still in pain. After her ear infection is gone she will be feeling better and may be more receptive to your affection.

@Reply: Just keep handling. Mine is the same way but she’s coming around.

@Reply: Is it a rescue?

@Reply: Try humming to her,it works on my girl.

@Reply: Gotta ignore that hissing, and keep going anyways, which, I know sounds hard, but you can do it!

@Reply: The huffing would scare me and that’s their natural way to express. Just keep handling it will get better.

@Reply: I am having kinda the same problem Sonic will let me hold her but she hates coming out of her house!

@Reply: I keep putting shirts in Mr Silvio’s hut that I have worn and everyday it gets better. He’s slowly calming down I just ordered a cuddle sack too so we can bond while in doing stuff too. It also helps to start this interaction while they are small babies too.

@Reply: Hissing is their means of communication. Doesn’t mean it is all necessarily angry hissing.

@Reply: This is kind of funny but true–tuni calms down and quils go down when I pat her back like burping a baby. Never fails.

@Reply: It’s not all about you? Rude. Some hedgehogs just take longer.

@Reply: So I had the same experience with mine a while back. Every time I have him a shower his quills were too heavy to spike up. I took that time to pet him and speak to him like you would a baby. Eventually he calmed down.

@Reply: I hug mine even when he’s popping and hissing.

@Reply: I have a quill hole in my face to prove it LOL