Ceramic Heater vs Pad or Bulb?



Posted by Julie: So I’m heading out to buy a thermometer this week, is there a specific kind I should get or does any work? Hopefully you guys recommend stuff $20> cuz I am very short on cash until January

  • Any digital one should be good.
  • Make sure you have a temp regulator too.
  • You mean a heater?
  • Haha, I hit enter before I finished typing – sorry! Didn’t mean to confuse – if you’re looking for just a plain thermometer, any digital one will do. We had a cheap $5 one – we placed it near the temp regulator thing for our CHE so we knew what the temp was at her level.
  • Ahhh ok haha thanks!
  • Any thermometer will do, they have lots of cheap digital ones that work well. What are you using for heating?
  • I actually started thinking more about that after I mentioned the heater…. I’d have to have it connected to the wall 24/7 and I don’t like the idea of that since my parents kind of traumatized us about burning down the house… and the electric bill wouldn’t be pretty either… so will be looking into different options for that too…. online research it is haha
  • Both space heater and Che’s are safe options and there are ways to make them more safe as well!
  • A CHE is a great option, but it needs a clamp lamp and a thermostat in addition to the digital thermometer and that’s definitely going to run more than $20