Food & Water for Hedgehogs – Setup?

Most hedgehogs love to eat so please feed with caution. Obesity is all too common in hedgehogs and can cause a condition called Fatty Liver Disease. This is fatal to hedgehogs. It is also usually very difficult to get an obese hedgehog to lose weight.

I have found that a mix of 1/3 hedgehog food and 2/3 cat food works well for most of my hedgehogs. All dry foods should be good quality. For hedgehog foods I have found that a mix of 8-N-1 Hedgehog food, Spike’s Delight Hedgehog food, and L’Avian Hedgehog food work well. For cat foods I recommend Royal Canine Special # 33, Science Diet Adult, and Eukanuba Dental Control.

hedgie food

Supplimenting with treats of worms or bugs purchased from a pet store is highly recommended. You should not feed bugs found lose in the house or outside because you do not know what chemicals or pesticides they have been in contact with that could be fatal to your hedgehog.

I also offer them various fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Almost all of my hedgehogs have different favorite treats. Some ideas to try would be scrambled egg, cottage cheese, carrots, peas, corn, cooked turkey, salmon, yogurt, banana, or grape (cut in half). Treats should be fed in moderation and not as the main diet. You should also be cautious of salt, seasonings, and fat levels.

All hedgehogs should be feed once daily in the evening. Their active time is evening so they need their calories then. If they are fed in the morning and then sleep all day, they have a greater potential to become obese. I do not recommend free feeding your hedgehog for a couple of reasons. One, it is too easy for them to over eat and become obese. Two, if they have food at all times it is difficult to tell how much they are eating and when. This makes it difficult to tell when/if you hedgehog has stopped or slowed their eating.

Water is a Necessity

All hedgehogs need fresh water daily. There are two ways to offer water to your hedgehog. Water bottle or water dish. Most hedgehogs will use either one. Occasionally a hedgehog will only use one or the other. If this happens, in most cases, the hedgehog will not use the water bottle.

The water dish is easily changed daily. A hedgehog can be easily spill the dish causing a wet cage until the mess is discovered. Some hedgehogs will also potty in their water dish.

The water bottle can be tempting to not change daily. It does keep the water clean as long as it is kept clean and free of algi. The bottle will have to be checked daily to make sure it is working properly. To check it, run your finger on the end to be sure that the ball moves freely and allows water to come out. Sometimes the tip of the water bottle can be jammed and prevent the hedgehog from getting any water. Also, sometimes the water bottle can leak excessively and all the water will run out causing a wet cage.


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@reply: What is the difference between feeding my hedgie mealworms and superworms? If I feed them the bigger superworms.. does that mean I just feed my hog less times? I am looking for some good advice on this.

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