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*Disclaimer: It’s very important to do intensive research on hedgehogs because they take more care than “normal” pets. Most consider hedgies to be exotic pets and topics such as “hedgehog going into hibernation” or… “my hog isn’t warm enough” can mean the difference of life and DEATH. I did in fact say “death” folks. It should click in your mind just knowing that some states in the US don’t even allow humans to own hedgies as pets. So then it would be breaking the law.

We aren’t here to preach though, only to inform. Were hoping that if we can spread the word on this site that it can really take off. We find that once hedgie owners are educated, their pets then live a beautiful life with their owners. It’s not that some people have bad intentions.. it’s just that they aren’t taking the time to do the research.



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Posted by Jasmin L: My Hedgehog hasn’t been as active recently and I’m not sure what the deal is? Every day she gets cuddles after work. Sometimes anywhere from 1-3 hours we hang out and watch TV or browse the Internet. I’ve been doing my best to remember to turn the light on during the day and back off at 10 pm and usually after our hangout sessions she will roam around her cage and go potty and run on her wheel. Well I haven’t had to wipe off her wheel all week and the only times she’s gone potty is when I had her out and awake and made her be active. The only change is she now has a CHE as her heat source and not a heating pad. I keep a room heater in my room that helps it stay at around 75f. She is never wobbly when I wake her up to make her do things and I know she is getting up at night because her food is eaten. I have also started mixing her spikes ultra with bluebuffalo indoor cat formula. But she eats it and she goes after her mealies with gusts too. I just don’t know why she waits so long to use the potty and is no longer wheeling. Because other than the not wheeling or playing with things she acts normal, her poo looks normal there’s just more of it because she holds it so long. Not sure what’s going on with my hedgie baby?

@Reply: First, I recommend you buy a timer and put a light on a timer for her. That will give her a steady, consistent amount of light. Abigail’s light goes on at 6:30am and shuts off at 7:00pm. Second, how old is she & what kind of wheel do you have? The reason I ask is I have a CSW for Abigail and about 6 months ago, she just stopped using it. It took several weeks, but I finally figured out that the wheel height needed to be adjusted. She had nearly doubled in weight (she was 6 weeks when I got her and at this point she was about 10 months old). The CSW is a cake wheel, so the plastic has some give. Because of the give, the wheel was hitting the floor of her cage, making it impossible for her to move it. I adjusted it and she was back up to her 2-3 miles a night.

@Reply: She’s not quite 2 years old and I’m her second owner. Technically third but they only had her for two weeks. She has a CSBW and it’s off the floor pretty well and she can get in and out of it okay. I tilted it back a little bit so she would stop sliding back out and she loved it. Wheeled all the time. I’ll look into getting a timer and a lamp for light. My room light is my ceiling light.
Is it okay to have the light set for a different time or is 6:30 am to 7:00pm recommended?

@Reply: No, you can set the timer for whatever you like. I just try to mimic the actual daylight hours as much as I can.

@Reply: I use a timer in my hedgehog room and have for over12 years, and it does help. I would suggest getting some Shea butter or some other moisture onto your hedgehogs ears, she appears to have dried skin causing the tattered ears.


Posted by Jaime U: My hedgie has an upper respitory infection & the vet gave us antibodics in a dropper. Prob is he is very grumpy and doesn’t like treats of ANY kind so he has never relaxed enough to let us do much of anything to him, let alone try and give him any medicine. So last night we drizzled it over his food & he didn’t touch his food. So at 3am I felt like he had to have some food so I ended up adding a little more kibble on top (which he ate but did not touch the food with medicine on it) being as this is something we have to give him twice a day… what can we do to give it to him? My daughter is extremely worried about this.

@Reply: Do the meds stink? Can u drop some on ur finger and rub it around his mouth so he will lick it off? Poor baby! ! U may just have to open his mouth and squeeze it in remember he doesn’t no it but ur trying to help. Good luck! !!

@Reply: That’s the problem… he balls up so tight anytime we try to do anything with him.

@Reply: I hope someone else has better advice. I hate to say put it in food and eventually he will eat it. Do u give worms maybe drown a worm in meds and try. Sorry not more help. He may b balling up because he doesn’t feel good. Please don’t give up.

@Reply: Put it on meat flavored baby food. Its the only way Snoopy would take his antibiotics. I put it on top and he would eat the medicated top layer without realizing there was medicine in it.

@Reply: Are you able to hold him by his scruff? Scruff him so he can’t ball up. I’ll see if I can find a picture of scruffing in case that is helpful. Once scruffed take the dropper and press it into the corner of his mouth. There is a gap behind their teeth that a dropper or syringe fits into perfectly. Slowly dispense medicine, he’ll have to swallow it but you don’t want to drown him. And viola! Meds have been taken.

@Reply: A foot bath to get him to unball then syringe feed him the medicine. He won’t like it but it’s for his own good. UTIs can advance fast. Note I’ve never tried this just a thought. Good luck.