Cutest Baby Hedgehog Picture Thread!

Topic: I find myself searching for pics of baby hedgies for hours so HOW ABOUT THIS. Post your cutest BABY hedgehog picture below hehe. The images do not have to belong to you.. This is just a post away type thing for fun. Let’s see what you guys have in your phones hahaha. I’m so excited!

*Note: Admin has made this into a photo gallery!

sitting baby hedgehog tiny hedgehog newbornhedgehog white face baby baby sitting in hand

babies IMG_1222 hedgehog tongue sleeping baby IMG_1225 IMG_1226 hedgehog fluffy baby baby in cage IMG_1229 white face hedgehog IMG_1231 cutest hedgehog babies IMG_1233 IMG_1234 IMG_1235 pokey baby IMG_1237 IMG_1238 IMG_1239 mom with new baby IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1243 hyper hedgehog IMG_1245 small hedgehog IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 yawning babies IMG_1252 IMG_1253 IMG_1254
hedgie sleeping

@Reply: Awww sooo cute! I love the light babies!

@Reply: is this a cinnicot kind?

@Reply: He’s so precious! Look at that little smiley baby face. What about Hazelnut? Or Quilliam? (My little Quilliam approves of that second suggestion.)

@Reply: Thank you guys….we cannot wait to meet him. I can’t wait to see MiKennas face when she grts him for christmas.

@Reply: He’s really adorable….Petey…Herman ..Herbert

@Reply: So last night I had made steamed veggies and some baked chicken, tried to cuddle with with Sonics and have her eat it. She didn’t care it AT ALL!
So I put it in with her cat food, this morning I checked on her and she had ate all of it I am so happy
Anyone else’s hedge not eat in front of them ?

@Reply: That’s pretty common. Hedgies seem to be more likely to try new things without an audience, just like most won’t wheel if anyone is watching either. Silly little beasts.

@Reply: Midna won’t eat out in the open, but if she’s in her snuggle sack or wrapped up in a blanket, she’ll stick her nose out just enough to grab my offerings then she dives back in to eat it.

@Reply: So cute! Be careful about using food for bonding purposes – that’s opening the door to a potential biting habit if you’re too consistent. It’s best to focus on confidence and manhandling, and use treats for occasional enrichment.

@Reply: Apparently my boy likes flaming hot Cheetos… I was eating them and he stole one. He ate it. Didn’t anoint. Actually ate it. Such a weirdo

@Reply: Caesar licked the crumbs/dust from a bag of Quavers once (low calorie cheese-flavoured potato-based snack). I think they just like junk food.

@Reply: Yikes that’s some serious spice! Can’t say I blame him, I love those damn things too. While I don’t think one is going to have any lasting effect or harm, that might cause some serious poop.

@Reply: Weirdest thing ever! I was chilling with Stormy, and usually the first half an hour or so he pees or poos on me (still working on litter training him!) so I keep a paper towel under him. Well tonight he decided the paper towel was extra awesome because he chewed on it then anointed with it! Silly hog.

@Reply: Haha even litter trained hogs are gonna go potty on you.

@Reply: Litter training won’t prevent a hedgehog from pooping on you if they need to go while out of the cage. A foot bath, however, will help avoid that.

@Reply: Awwww…..mine was sticking her tongue out yesterday, but wouldn’t hold still for a picture….

@Reply: I love tongue pictures!!! Penelope’s favorite!

@Reply: It is perfect……love it!

@Reply: cutest thing ever!!!!

@Reply: Squee! That’s SO adorable!! Your baby’s too cute. Love that little expression.

@Reply: Boy, you have to be quick to get a picture like that.

@Reply: My hedgie Rose likes to sit on my shoulder and snuggle in my hair. Which is great, because we can snuggle while I do my school work. The problem is I have a sore that she keeps biting. I put a band aide over it and she yanks the bandage off to get to the sore. Why is she so interested in my sore?? I keep thinking “ok it has healed enough she will leave it alone” and I let her go to my shoulder. Then she rips it open again!! She also tries to “root” around in my ear, is this normal? Do I have a strange Hedgie? Today is the 10th day she has been part of my family so we are both learning.

@Reply: Lmao do freaking innocent!!!

@Reply: So my hedgie is home in his home and now his mood is all different, i think its cause i woke him up maybe because at the pet store he was up and friendly as can be (shocked me how calm and fun he was) now hes in his home i tried to pick em up and he started hissing and getting mad, so i guess hes still sleepy or cranky idk any advice?

@Reply: He need to get use to his new environment and all the new smells and sounds try putting a old shirt that smells like you in the cage so he gets use to it.

@Reply: Hedgehogs go through a period of hyper defensive behaviors when in a new environment. While I agree it’s a great idea to put a worn shirt (free of loose strings!) in with him, there is no reason to let him rest or give him time to settle. Just hold him as you normally would and ignore defensive behaviors. The sooner you get started trying to socialize him, the quicker he will become socialized.

@Reply: Totally normal for babies to sleep 20+ hours. Lots of growing going on.

@Reply: Do you guys clean your hedgies wheel every day or just when they get dirty or once every week? I clean mine when they get dirty. But idk now.

@Reply: This made me laugh so hard lol

@Reply: How that expression!

@Reply: So cute! Happy hoggie.

@Reply: Again… This level of cuteness should be illegal!

@Reply: I think she’s the cutest thing ever, but I’m pretty biased. We haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time.

@Reply: She made a happy face. I’ve never seen them smile.

@Reply: treats help. They smile while chewing. I got a couple good pics.

@Reply: I got Calamity to take a cat treat once, but I can’t get her to take anymore from me, no matter what it is. The little snot.