Top Colorado Hedgehog Breeders

This list is comprised of the top hedgehog breeders in the state of Colorado. There is no denying how popular pet hedgies are becoming there! Don’t be afraid to comment below letting us know how your experience went with your breeder. Reviews really help others when deciding where to go for their next pet hedgehog.

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@Reply: I’m wondering if there are anymore hedgie or pet parents from Colorado???? Like me I’m interested to find some.

@Reply: We’re in NM and there are a few hedgies owners in Denver in other HH groups. I am originally from Colorado and travel there frequently with my husband.

Posted by James:
The thing that worries and freaks me out the most is heating. I have exactly a month before my first hedgehog will be ready to come home. I live in Colorado and here the weather can change drastically in a heart beat. Last week It reached -17°. The walls to my home are super thin and you pretty much get a Draft anywhere in the house. I use space heaters but those are not something I’m going to leave on when I’m gone for 9 hours a day at work.

Other than using a CHE do you have any other suggestions? I will order some of those warmer packed you put in the microwave but that’s just not enough. I really want this little guy and I want to give him his one and only home, but am I risking to much?

Sorry for the rant, it’s just driving me nuts.

*my heating in my house does not work, so when I’m home, I’m strictly relying on space heaters and a natural fire place

@Reply: Oh my goodness I have the SAME issues. Would love answers as well!

@Reply: I covered cage during winter with blankets and uses Che and space heater with a thermostat.

@Reply: A CHE on a thermostat is always the best solution in this type of case. It will keep the cage area pretty regulated. PM me and I’ll see what kind of a price break I can do, I just can’t do it for everyone (have to make a living too) but if you are in need, and don’t have enough to shell out for a full system let me know.

@Reply: We put insulation foam board around Mina’s cage (1 side, the back, and 1/2 of the top of her cage). That alone brought her temp up 5 degrees. We also use a 150 or 160 watt CHE 24/7 on her. She is in a custom made cage (wood) so she does not come into contact with it.

@Reply: I also live in Colorado. On each of my hedgie’s cages I have a CHE and a blue nocturnal light. I also have a space heater for the really cold nights. I actually just ordered these tonight in case the heat goes out. I also have blankets I can put over their cages to help keep the heat in.

Posted by Amanda R:
Ok I know you all must be tired of hearing about my travels however who has knowledge of I70 from Grand junction to denver colorado? It’s hedgehog related because everyone tells me the roads are well maintained but they are calling for snow and a high of 18 a low of 2. I keep thinking should I wait another day just in case. I have plenty of emergency heat but I hate to think of jasper out there in that temperature if we can’t get through. Who has experience on this route to give me an idea of what I’m getting myself into.

@Reply: I’ve been stuck on I-70 west of the Eisenhower Tunnel – that is not fun… I wouldn’t risk it… But I hate snow. So…

@Reply: I was stuck on I70 in 1994 traveling between St Louis and Kansas City for about 18 hours. They just shut the road down because of the snow. Please be careful. I had to jump up in a Rig and wait til the roads re-opened, then it was quite hazardous.

@Reply: Yes ok that’s what I’m talking about. I think I’ll go with my first Instinct and wait. Thanks! Where I’m from snow can be a show stopper here everyone says the roads are maintained but in skeptical about it….

@Reply: About an hour from Grand Junction east is all mountain passes to Denver – And if they close the tunnel you are screwed. There is no where to go as you are surrounded by the mountains. And finding a hotel room in the corridor is pain in the a$$.

@Reply: Yes not many towns there for a four hour stretch! Thanks so much for the advice I feel like a fish out of water here and it’s nice to get the perspective. Asking the locals tends to get you a laid back option!

@Reply: I live in denver
It’s dumping snow currently so probably not s good idea between now and tomorrow night
However, even though there’s tons of traffic it will still move
They can close the passes which is when you’re in trouble
I drive that route a couple times a year and my good friend just went out and will be headed back this weekend.

@Reply: That can be a pain, you def need higher clearance vehicle and an adapter, plus in for emergency heat. Along with boss, extra blankets and protein bars, just in case, a gallon or two of water for you and Hedgie.

Posted by Jaime T:
I’m panicking. My hedgehog is acting really weird. I came home last night and she was under her wheel. It’s been getting cold here in Colorado so her heater is on 24/7. So when I saw her, I moved her to her igloo where all the heat is. Tonight when I came home she was under her wheel again so I picked her up. Her belly was cold even though it was warm in her cage and outside. I started cuddling her and trying to feed her and it seems as if she’s lifeless. She can barely walk or pick up her head. She can move but very slowly. I’m warming her with my body heat right now. What else can I do??? She’s never acted like this.

@Reply: sounds like a hibernation attempt. it can happen even with proper heating because of drafts. put her directly onto your stomach and put blankets on top of you. it can take a while so just keep her on there and hope for the best. keep us posted! A friend in Utah had this same issue.

@Reply: Of course!! It may take an hour or so, and you’re going to want to keep an eye on her afterwards as well, hedgies who try and hibernate once will try and do it again most times. Good luck!!

@Reply: Some hedgehogs require it a lot warmer than others. Put her under your shirt against your body (which it sounds like you’re doing), but it could take an hour or more, so be patient. And keep a close watch on her because once a hedgie tries to hibernate, it seems like they are more likely to do it again.

@Reply: What kind of heating do you have and what was the temp in the cage? It’s getting cold everywhere i even feel like hibernating!

@Reply: It was 79 in her cage. She wouldn’t stay in her igloo where the heat is and I think that’s why it happened. And same! I want it to be summer again!but she’s doing better! Poking her head out and moving!(:

@Reply: We have a heater on the bottom of her cage and we also have a space heater. We’ve used heating pads for 3 years and have never had problems /:

@Reply: We are down in New Mexico, I have our cage set at 82. This levels out to make the cage a consistent 80. 4’x2 cage with 4 che bulbs and plant warming mats under the cage. All plugged in to a digital thermostat. Here is the big important top tip, you need a 12 hour light source in the room. I use a LED bulb that is blueish in color, daylight spectacular. It’s on a timer and turns on from 8am to 8pm. Which is about what there room would get In the summer. Lack of light can trigger hibernation attempts. Also check for drafts by the cage.

@Reply: I really really suggest not using a heating pad, those don’t hear the ambient temperature of the air and hedgies can hibernate very easily from not having the enclosure be the same temp. She can’t always be on that part of the cage so when she moves away its a dramatic change which is more likely to cause hibernation as well. Please turn the space heater up and closer to the cage to warm up the whole thing. And be careful because even the most experienced people have had failures with heating pads that burn through the cage, it can happen anytime to anyone ): but she’s more likely to attempt again, so you’re going to want to bump up the space heater a few degrees and get it closer once she’s been warmed up with you for a couple hours.