C&C Home for Hedgie? Do It Yourself, Build it

Topic: So I’m thinking about building a c&c cage. For those who’ve built their own, about how much did it cost? And where can you buy most of the stuff? Andddd with them being so large, how is heating for them? I’m coming from a large tote.


@Reply: Our girl hated hers… after all the materials, it was around $40 (the coroplast was pricey where we bought it). Depending on size you may need 2 heaters. The 1 we had wasn’t enough.

@Reply: We got the grids at bed bath and beyond – the coroplast at home depot.

@Reply: I am the only one I know that uses one, but Pokey lives in a rabbit hutch. A wooden one with a separate sleeping room. He is a happy little guy. In the sleeping room I have a basket for him to sleep in with a blanket lining it, and lots of receiving blankets stuck in there for him to burrow through. Not quite as much room, but he gets out to run every day.

@Reply: We ended up using a guinea pig cage – fit her perfectly and she loved it.

@Reply: So… you’re saying your hog didn’t have a lot of room?

@Reply: i have solid panel grids… I spent $20 on mine its a 2×3 but with no bottom.

@Reply: I have stacked 2×2 cages, so mine was a bit pricey compared to just one. But it came in around $60 for the two? And that was mostly just the grids, as I used a ton for the cages and additional storage. I used linoleum instead of coroplast, which cut costs considerably.
I wouldn’t recommend going any bigger than a 2×2 or a 3×1 unless you have a lot of things to put in the cage. Hedgehogs get stressed in large open spaces, so the bigger the cage, the more floor space you need to cover.

Heating can be a problem for some, depending one how cold your house gets on its own, how drafty the area is, etc.
I’ve used both CHE’s and space heaters and have never had a heating issue with the C&C’s, but I know many people need multiple CHE’s and such since the wire grids let a lot of heat out.

I ordered all my supplies online, but home improvement stores and sign ships have coroplast and convenience stores like Target, Kmart, Walmart, have the cubes.

@Reply: oh I forgot to add that I have 2 girls that live together thats why mine is so big, it has to fit 2 of everything.

@Reply: pretty much covered everything, but I am going to just emphasize that they can be a real heating issue. If you live somewhere that gets quite cold and you don’t keep your house super warm anyway, they’re a bitch to heat. I had a 2×2 with 2 CHE lamps and still had multiple hibernation attempts. The bin is much much easier to heat.

@Reply: Well I originally did have an issue heating her cage in the beginning. Our lamp was so high above her, but now we made a little contraption that keeps her at a good temp with just one. I’m worried that since the che won’t be in the cage, and on top like that that it’ll be problematic.

@Reply: The heat lamp really shouldn’t rest on top of plastic like the above picture. It can melt the plastic and fall through. After all.. we wouldn’t our good pets to have anything happen to them.

@Reply: can you show me a picture or explain how you used the linoleum or what kind you used? (Can’t find Coroplast here)

@Reply: I used cardboard to create the physical base, then covered it in peel and stick linoleum tiles to waterproof it.

@Reply: I was thinking of that but wasn’t sure if anything would leak through…but I guess if it did it would be cheap to re-do the base.

@Reply: My apologies, I wasn’t reading super clearly.

@Reply: We’ve had them for a few months now and no leaks yet, but yeah, if it did leak it would be a cheap fix
You could seal the cracks, technically.
Or get the large linoleum sheets

@Reply: Ok, thanks. I’m thinking if did the main base and then an insert that just fit in the bottom and then made fleece liners that went around that like a pillow case if that would make sure nothing go through.

In assuming you can only wipe it down to clean it correct?

@Reply: Yeah, I just spray it down with vinegar/water and wipe it clean