Food & Water for Hedgehogs – Setup?

Most hedgehogs love to eat so please feed with caution. Obesity is all too common in hedgehogs and can cause a condition called Fatty Liver Disease. This is fatal to hedgehogs. It is also usually very difficult to get an obese hedgehog to lose weight. I have found that a mix of 1/3 hedgehog food … [Read more…]

DIY Habitat Options?

Topic: Total noobie here looking to setup a hedgie cage habitat. What are most of you using? I’ve heard a lot about “do it yourself” totes and such. Thank you for your time and help.     @Reply: C&C cages seem to be the favorite.. Is somewhat cheap and you can make it however you … [Read more…]

Ceramic Heater vs Pad or Bulb?

    Posted by Julie: So I’m heading out to buy a thermometer this week, is there a specific kind I should get or does any work? Hopefully you guys recommend stuff $20> cuz I am very short on cash until January Any digital one should be good. Make sure you have a temp regulator … [Read more…]