Hedgehog Cages Guide

The cage you will be choosing for your hedgehog is a very important decision.  Your hedgehog will spend most of their time in this cage. It has to be comfortable.  The flooring must be solid, even and never made of wire to avoid any foot injuries.  Your hedgehog will need space to move and exercise. … [Read more…]

Food & Water for Hedgehogs – Setup?

Most hedgehogs love to eat so please feed with caution. Obesity is all too common in hedgehogs and can cause a condition called Fatty Liver Disease. This is fatal to hedgehogs. It is also usually very difficult to get an obese hedgehog to lose weight. I have found that a mix of 1/3 hedgehog food … [Read more…]

Breeding Hedgehogs Guide – BEWARE

Hedgehogs will need peoples care all year round, but the main times are between May and November. Hedgehogs will wake up in the spring once the weather has become warmer, and search for food to build up their fat reserves. Afterwards they will start to mate. October/ November time depending how cold it is they … [Read more…]