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Topic: Can oil trigger quill loss? I accidentally poured too much olive oil in my boy’s bath last week. He starts to lose many of his quills, but I don’t think that it is mites since he is not scratching a lot. And not quilling too because I just discovered a bald spot on his back. How long will it be until the new quills cover the bald spots?



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@Reply: Sounds more like mites to me! Take him to the vet to get checked.

@Reply: Bald patches and dry skin generally = mites

@Reply: Is it still mites eventhough he rarely scratches?

@Reply: Show a picture of you can?

@Reply: He might be scratching when you’re not watching… I’d take him to get checked.

hedgehog loosing quills@Reply: This is the picture when he is in a state of “not-so-relaxed-quills”. I noticed several bald spots, but this one is the widest.

@Reply: Mites take him before it gets worse.

@Reply: Vet visit is definitely in order!

@Reply: I see you use wood shavings for bedding. That’s where he most likely got them from. If you like wood shavings the best freeze the packages 24 hrs before using kills anything living off.

@Reply: Ok, noted.. thank you for the advices. Vet is closed on sat and sun. I can only bring him on monday. Any idea what should be done while I wait for vet appointment?

@Reply: Freeze the bag of bedding, wash as much of his stuff (that he isn’t using) and the clothes you wear when holding him in hot water. Vacuum thoroughly anywhere he’s been let out on (couch/carpet etc) and keep him relatively contained until he’s been treated.

@Reply: Then when you take him to the vets wash and clean EVERYTHING again. You’ll have to do that after ever treatment. If he has some kind of wood home throw that out the mits live in anything with cracks.

@Reply: If he has blankets and snuggle sacks wash them all and after every treatment swap dirty stuff out and put clean in after you have swapped the bedding food and water out. I gave mine a bath after every treatment before putting him in his clean cage because. The treatments are by mouth.

@Reply: I have seen oil do this as well– too much oil smothers the follicles and kills the quills, which is why I recommend Humilac instead (I’m paranoid about this happening). That being said, I still agree that he should go to the vet.

@Reply: Unfortunately I cant find humilac here, so I have to depend on oils to treat dry skins. Thank you very much for the suggestions, Fleur, Sierra, and Alison. Youre a great help!
Uh, anw one more thing, can mites in any way infect us, human, too? Since I put my hedgehog in my bedroom and he’s free to roam everywhere..

@Reply: I was told by the vet it can on like but it’s very unlikely. They will just be little bumps that itch around your ankles or wrists?

@Reply: Cal flax seed oil have the same affect if given on the food?