Hedgehog Cages Guide

The cage you will be choosing for your hedgehog is a very important decision.  Your hedgehog will spend most of their time in this cage. It has to be comfortable.  The flooring must be solid, even and never made of wire to avoid any foot injuries.  Your hedgehog will need space to move and exercise.

Most Popular Cage Setups:

Ferret Cages Work Great!

With multiple floors to move around, your hedgehog will get more than enough space.  Easy to wash and causing no problems for ventilation, they come with a plastic floor that is safe for your hedgehog.  If you have the space for such a cage, you will have a very happy hedgehog.

Plastic Tubs are Cheap

Made of plastic, you can find them pretty much everywhere.  Rubbermaid makes them and they are very durable.  They are very cost effective for people with many hedgehogs.  Easy to clean and to move around, they make a very good choice.  The tub has to be transparent to let the light in and long enough to give your hedgehog the space he needs.

Fish Aquariums Work

More expensive, the aquarium can give a lot of space to your hedgehog.  Heavier, it makes the aquarium harder to move around.  Easy to clean, your hedgehog will appreciate the visibility and the natural light.  Ventilation can be a problem with this type of cage.

Rabbit Cages are Okkk

Coming in different sizes and lengths, you have to make sure it has a solid flooring.  Your hedgehog is a good climber so keep an eye on him.  He will love to climb the walls of his cage and might hurt himself.

DIY Your Own Cage

If your looking to make your own hedgehog cage then you should visit this page here. It’s completely devoted to ideas on making your own hedgehog habitat setup. You can make a much larger habitat for your hedgie by using some cool supplies like children’s small swimming pools and such. We urge people to do this because bigger cages are better!


Where to Put your Cage?

Now that you have decided which cage is best for your hedgehog, you need to find the perfect place to put it.  Here are 3 important factors to consider :

– Temperature
– Noise
– Lighting

The ambient temperature of the room should be between 22 and 29 degree Celcius.  Your hedgehog loves to feel warm and should be kept away from the cold.

Depending on your hedgehog’s personality, you have to think about how he will react to the noise.  If he is afraid or shy, you should put him in a quiet place.  If he’s active, he may appreciate being in the middle of the action.

The room must be well lit and have a window to let the natural light in.  You can also use a lamp when the weather isn’t the best outside.

Your hedgehog needs good ventilation to stay healthy.  Keep away from breezes and drafts.  Your hedgehog might get a runny nose and get a bad cold.


Cage Bedding is a Big Deal

Find out which bedding is best and which can be dangerous for your hedgehog.

Wood Shaving – CEDAR

Don’t be fooled by the nice smell.  Your hedgehog might not like the strong smell after spending days in it.  Using cedar shavings as bedding can cause a few health problems to your animal and even to yourself!  A lot of people are allergic to cedar.  The best advice we can give you is to avoid cedar even if prices are more affordable.

Wood Shaving – PINE

Pine is a more acceptable choice.  Hedgehogs are less allergic to this wood type.  Treated pine loses its smell and becomes safer against mites or infections.

Wood Shaving – ASPEN

Aspen is the best option but be prepared to pay a lot more for it.  If you have one hedgehog, you might want to spend the extra money to give him a good bedding.  Most of the breeders use another option to save some money.

Corn Cob

There are a lot of debates over the corn cob‘s effectiveness.  Less comfortable than wood shavings, corn cob is easier to clean.  All you have to do is pick up your hedgehog’s excrement.  Once the corn cob is wet, it can rot and smell bad.  There are a few cases where a corn cob would get stuck in the male’s penis.  Without any intervention, the male could easily die.  If all those precautions are respected, corn cob can be a great choice.


Very absorbent and soft, a folded towel is a smart option.  All you have to do is clean it.  It saves you a lot of money and helps the environment.  Keep an eye on the towel’s threads.  A very worn towel could be dangerous for your hedgehog’s feet.


Please forget about newspaper.  If your hedgehog eats paper, the ink could make him really sick.  We don’t recommend to cut the paper in small pieces.  Your animal could try to swallow it or suffocate.  A great option is the paper butchers use to wrap the meat.  It is very safe for hedgehogs.


Cleaning Your Cage

Don’t forget that your hedgehog counts on you to keep his cage clean.  It is very important to change the water every day.  Keep it fresh and make sure there is no bedding in the bowl.  If you use a plastic bottle, don’t forget to disinfect it at least once a week.

Food must be provided to your animal everyday.  If you feed him fresh food, don’t forget to remove everything after 3 hours to prevent bacteria.

Keep an eye on the exercise wheel and the toys.  If they are dirty, wash them with a gentle soap.

Pick up the food that lays on the bedding and discard it.

If you use a litter, scoop the excrement once a day.  If your hedgehog does it on the bedding, remove the spoiled shavings to prevent him from walking in his excrements.

Once a week, it is advised to clean the entire cage with gentle soap.  Rinse well.


Replies and Comments:



Posted by Alisha N:
I need some advice.. My little one is used to having half puppy pad, half bedding. Just recently I got her some fleece to go under her igloo, and a new cuddle sack. I ended up having to put her old one in there cause she wouldn’t even go on that half of the cage. She even slept under her wheel. (since I’ve had her she’s always been in her igloo) I thought it was cause its new and smells neither like her, or me. So I took the fleece out and put some bedding there. Sure enough she crawled right in her igloo. I know it isn’t necessarily a problem but I just want her to be comfortable. Any tips to get her used to the fleece?

  • Make it smell as much like the old stuff as possible. Rub the old stuff all over it, maybe wash it first to get any “store” small off it? Think “smell transfer.” That should help.
  • Agree with above! That’s what I did for my little guy.
  • mine never had a problem with fleece. Some probably just might have a preference for shavings over fleece too. You never know. If yours shows she prefers shavings then why not just let her have shavings in her igloo? I know clean up can be a pain thou. Also maybe if you want less shavings mess to clean up try just putting them in her igloo where she sleeps.
  • that seems like a good idea too, I think I’ll wash or sleep with the fleece to get my scent on it and if that doesn’t work I’ll try keeping the bedding in her igloo(: Thanks!
  • making it smell like you could work well too if she is really close with you.
  • I found that if you leave new “stuff” just there, eventually they get used to it. I purchased a new tunnel for Tuni but she wasn’t having any of it. Every night I would place her inside that tunnel and she would head out to her old tunnel on the other side of her pen. Eventually, I found her sleeping in her new tunnel. It takes time and trust that everything will be ok.

Posted by Megan T:
I have asked this before, but I have made the decision to rehome my little hedgie, Theodore Rex, after suffering from horrible hives and asthma attacks. Theo is a great little guy and has been vet checked and is healthy as…well, a hedgehog smile emoticon He is 4 months old and would come with all of his supplies (large tote used for cage, heating, fabric used for bedding, wheel, etc). If I wasn’t allergic to him, I would be keeping him, but nothing has worked for the hives and I have barely slept in a month. frown emoticon I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan if anyone is nearby and interested. Thank you all!

  • I am so sorry to hear about your allergies! I am in the Chicago area but if I was closer, I would take this cute guy!
  • Aww thank you! Bummer you are not closer! I have to find a home for him soon and I want him to go to someone who will love him.
  • If you contact someone near you, and fill out a relinquishment form, they may be able to match you with a prescreened person that is looking to adopt. Good luck. I am a rescue, but I live too far away to travel to get his baby.
  • Thank you, everyone for being so kind! I was able to find a licensed rescue in my area who was willing to take him!
  • I would take him in a heartbeat. I have no way of transportation. I do have compete set up for him and would welcome him! I live in Cleveland..

Posted by Ashley Y:
Advice please, I got an led lamp for hufflepuff and put it on a timer. The timer turns the lamp off at the right time, but doesn’t turn it on. You can hear a click at the correct on time. The lamp has a button you can press for 3 different light settings, could that be messing it up?

  • I don’t think many of us use that kind of lamp/timer, to be honest. What sort of heat lamp/thermostat do you use?
  • Some people have regular lights setup over or near their cage in a darker room that may or may not have a window. This is to keep the hedgehog on a day/night schedule which is super important.
  • It’s a thermostat that works really well for regulating heat. It’s used with a CHE lamp.
  • I’d recommend a similar reptile one to use for your lights, they tend to not screw up often.
  • I can’t resolve your issue but that’s a cool lamp! I’m going to buy a few for my cages and office!
  • I would try the timer with a different (not 3-way) lamp. That should tell you if the lamp’s the problem.

Posted by Harley T:
I need to buy a night video camera two actually one for peanut and one for coco. Coco he is sometimes mellow, I looked in his set up and he threw his bedding all over the place and his wheel is dusty from his dust bath!!!! He partied himself hard last night!! Lol!!! Then he left a pooh present for me!!! He is so funny the weird places he sleeps in his cage and his activity level!!!! Lol!!! I miss it all cause iam sleeping and check coco and peanut and see a disaster they did!!! Peanut he has his pooh party and pooh all over!!!!
So now I got two messy cages to clean so they can mess it up again!!!! Ahhh the wonderful life of owning two great pets and cleaning up after them!!!! They are both funny animals at the things they do it night because they are nocturnal animals and do crazy things at night and are tired and sleeping from their crazy activity they did that night!!!
So I will be definitely be looking into looking for a nice night camera and catching some exciting nights that happen when other nights are just mellow so it will be interesting to see what I record when I look into getting a night video camera!!!