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Posted by Kelsey U: International Hedgehog Registry?
Do you guys use it?
Is it legit?
Pros/cons of using it?
Do breeders use it?
Is there other registries?

@Reply: Personally, I don’t use it. It’s operated by one person, so it takes eons to get a response, if any. It was once a lot more widely used than it is now, and I think the idea is amazing, but it’s a tough job for little to no pay. A lot of great breeders do still use it, but I’ve also recently noticed more new BYBs using it to legitimize themselves and add a higher price tag to their babies. In reality, registration means nothing about bloodlines or quality, so I just use lineage software to track pedigrees on my own, and consult with other breeders. I think there is one other registry-ish thing, but I won’t use that either, it doesn’t really mean anything.

As far as pros and cons, there isn’t really either if you’re just registering a pet. It’s just for fun in that case.

@Reply: It’s a great idea in theory, but not in actuality. They tried to encompass too much (both a pet registry for tracking general data, and a registry for breeding purposes) with only one person doing all the work. It ended up being more of a problem for breeders, with anyone able to register their hedgehog with any parents, not requiring the breeder’s verification, and so on. When I used it, when I was getting started, it would take longer to receive the numbers back than the amount of time the babies spent nursing (5-6 weeks, often more), so the number couldn’t even be provided to the new owner. Just more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth for most breeders.

@Reply: Several other breeders tried repeatedly in volunteering to help with the backlog a few years back, but the help was not taken up. Having done transcript of parish records for a genealogy organization I can certainly understand the work involved and respect the fact it does take time for the numbers to be released.

As mentioned above by others, I too use a lineage program (Kintracs) for herd record keeping and I directly talk to the breeders of hogs within a line for any information I may need. I register my babies, because that was what my mentor, at the time of me starting into breeding, encouraged me to do. I don’t have many litters, so I just keep doing it. For a larger breeder, I can see where the question comes up as to the WHY with the wait involved.

From what I’ve heard back from pet owners, it seems like the IHA registration is just a “cool” number to add onto a birth certificate.

@Reply: The other problem from a breeding perspective is that, without any verification requirement, and anyone able to register any hedgehog under any parents, it’s been used for falsified or completely invented pedigrees. I registered babies our whole first year, and stopped when it became an unreasonable wait time, but since then have spoken with some other breeders who have had a more problematic experience in the past, like getting notified by the IHR of WHS in their lines based on hedgehogs they didn’t produce being assigned incorrect parents, or BYBs using the IHR to acquire pedigrees for hedgehogs that were sold as pet-only.

@Reply: Another problem I have heard of that wrong information being recorded into the register and breeder headaches trying to straighten it out.

@Reply: Yeah, it’s more of a liability than anything for breeders, and doesn’t have any effect for pet owners.

@Reply: Thankfully I have not had the mistaken ID issue or being contacted for WHS, but can only imagine the headaches involved trying to “clear” ones name.

@Reply: I wonder what can be done to bring back the original intentions of the IHA registration? Seems like there were some good ideas/ reasons for it to have been established that have slowly been lost over the years.


Posted by Natalie P: I’m buying a hedgehog soon. However there are a few things I’m nervous about. The breeder houses her hogs on wood (a safe wood, like I said, I’m being vague) bedding (which I know is safe, but no suggestion of fleece was made) and suggests you keep your hogs in aquariums or plastic bins (while bins are safe, I heard aquariums are really not). the breeder also doesn’t use bucket wheels, and said any large rodent wheel is fine. Anyhow, long story short…do you think I’ll be safe getting a hedgie from this person? There’s tons of pictures of (what look to be) healthy happy hedgies and their owners on the website. I’m a over planner, and I think I might be being overly judgemental after spending day and night on these hedgehog pages planning the perfect little life for my future little boy! Oh and by the way, his is a thread on cool girl and boy names for newly bought hedgies.

@Reply: Every hedgie and owner (just like any other animal) does things differently. There is NEVER a perfect right or perfect wrong. Do whats in your heart and what your gut tells you. Good luck and remember to have fun with your new lil guy!!!!!

**disclaimer: im sure I’ll get shunned for my post but its my feeling/viewpoint**

@Reply: Aquariums are fine, as is aspen (wood) bedding. I prefer to use aquariums and aspen bedding as a breeder myself. Keeping your entire house at 70 degrees is good practice! Just keep the room the hedgehog is in warmer, or use a CHE. Don’t forget to pick up some mealworms to eat as food. They absolutely love them.

@Reply: As for the wheel part…there are wheels that pose as a risk for injuries to toes.. but like Michelle said…every owner has different feelings. Some might not see it as risky if they have never had a problem.

@Reply: I think you need to think about whether you’re personally happy with the conditions the hedgehogs are being kept in. If you don’t endorse it, don’t buy.

Are you getting a pedigree with this hedgehog and have you asked if the hedgehog is ‘guaranteed’ against WHS and other hereditary conditions? That’s the most important question.

@Reply: All this is okay. It’s more efficient when you have a lot of hogs like a breeder. If you have like 15 hedgehogs a c&c cage for each hog along with bucket wheels and fleece liners just usually isn’t financially doable. I always get asked how much do they cost and I answer “maybe around $500 after the food sand supplies.” So comfort wheels, tubs, bedding, it’s all okay. We just think c&c, bucket wheels, and fleece is what is most preferred which is reasonable for one hog, but not for multiple hogs.


Posted by Mike L: Does anyone know a group where i can buy a hedgehog from?

@Reply: Not where there are just hedgies for sale, no. Most groups have breeders within them, that you can network with, but most are devoted to the care of hedgehogs and helping each other out.

@Reply: Where are you located? People on here can inform you where reputable breeders are in your area. Bonus-some breeders have adult rehome or retired breeders that are great for first time owners