Biting Problems? How to Stop the Biting

Biting : The reasons for biting

Your hedgehog can bite for many different reasons.  Don’t forget that his smell is his best feature.  He will bite you if your hands smell of a particular odor.  He can also bite if he is disturbed or if he is in a bad mood.  Yes! Hedgehogs aren’t different than us.  They have good and bad days.  Leave your hedgehog alone if he doesn’t want to be picked up.

A female hedgehog will bite without even thinking twice about it when she has babies.  A new mom becomes very protective and will do anything to take care of her new litter.  Often the female will show her teeth as a warning sign.  Leave her alone.  She can easily leave a bite mark and it’s not a pleasant experience.

Biting : How to stop your hedgehog

If your hedgehog tries to bite you more than once, you need to find a way to show him you will not accept such a behavior.  Your hedgehog is very intelligent.  He will understand.

The worst thing to do is to try to pull away.  His teeth will hurt you even more.  It’s easy to say but not always easy to remember when he bites you.  It can surprise you!

The most gentle way to stop your hedgehog to bite is to blow in his face.  He will most likely be surprised and let go.  If this doesn’t work, you can try to push on his nose instead of pulling.  The pressure will become uncomfortable and he will decide to stop biting.

You can also spray your hedgehog with water when he bites.  It’s not like you always have a spray bottle at your reach but it’s always a good way to surprise them.  It works with a lot of animals.

Don’t forget to wash your hands with non perfumed soap before handling your hedgehog.  If he can’t smell anything, he won’t feel a need to bite.