Texas Hedgehog Suppliers

San Marcos, Texas Click here for more information   ​Wolfforth, Texas Click here for more information     Have Anything to Add?   Posted by Natalie H: I live in Texas and just bought a hedgehog. I have a question. Question about bugs. I just got mealworms,super worms what type of meal do I put … [Read more…]

Hedgehog Cages Guide

The cage you will be choosing for your hedgehog is a very important decision.  Your hedgehog will spend most of their time in this cage. It has to be comfortable.  The flooring must be solid, even and never made of wire to avoid any foot injuries.  Your hedgehog will need space to move and exercise. … [Read more…]

Top Alaska Hedgehog Breeders

With Alaska being in such a remote location of the U.S. there aren’t a lot of options for breeders right now. We are on the look out for reputable breeders in the state of Alaska so please help us. Lucky for you, “Volcano View Hedgehogs” does a tremendous job shipping hedgehogs to locations such as … [Read more…]

Ep1 – Pet Hedgehog Enthusiasts Coming Together

Were excited to release episode 1 of our new hedgehog podcast. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point and we thank those that have helped get this going. In future episodes we will be interviewing some of the best hedgie breeders and also walking newbies through all the steps of … [Read more…]

Top South Dakota Hedgehog Breeders

Even though South Dakota may seem “off the grid” a bit.. the popularity of pet hedgehogs there is on the rise. There are a good amount of breeders in the state and were happy to bring to you some of the best we have seen. This list of breeders has a high reputation and you … [Read more…]