Are Hedgehogs Good Pets?

Topic: I have somewhat of a generic question.. Are hedgehogs good pets?.. Whats your opinion?



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@Reply: They’re great pets for the right people, terrible pets for most people. That is honestly what I say to people when asked.

@Reply: Mine are great pets. They are friendly and love cuddling.

@Reply: Very good answer to give! I told her they are good pets to people that desire to give the time and place for them. I believe it trully takes that next step of a pet lover to keep hedgies.

@Reply: They’re terrible pets. That’s why I own 3.

@Reply: They’re like tiny spikes Satans. If you’re into that kind of thing like I am they’re wonderful!!

@Reply: I wish I would have got a baby. I took mine in from someone and she is pretty much a grump.

IMG_1237@Reply: Would you tell any of your friends that they are “good pets” though? Or would you tell off some people cause you know they wouldn’t properly care for them?

@Reply: I would explain what it takes to make them good pets, and explain that if they’re willing to put that into the relationship, they are great pets. If that sounds like too much, then don’t do it.

@Reply: ^I got mine as a baby and he’s still a grump.

@Reply: And I would just tell them to be ready for an extremely expensive, difficult, bratty pet. One that is adorable and cute when it’s mad (which is most of the time) and cuddly when they’re sleepy. Those things are worth it for me. The bond I have with Moose is awesome .

@Reply: I told my friend that it is somewhat expensive too. What do you feel is the most expensive part for you?

@Reply: Vet bills. Moose (that’s his name) has cellulitis in his leg and if it flares up I spend like 200 on meds which I have to replace since they expire quickly, and I can’t get the meds unless I take him in, which is 50 dollars in price assuming all the vet does it look at him. Don’t get me wrong though, Moose is the best investment I have ever made. I love that little guy so much I can’t even describe it. Its just that it’s concerning when people want them Just because they think their cute, and don’t realize that it’s actually kind of hard to take care of an exotic animal.

@Reply: Good. 1. dont need another companion hedgie, so you can keep one only. 2. small enough to carry everywhere so can accompany you to anywhere a dog cannot. 3. dont make much noise and when adult not much poop. Mine always does it inside the litter pan. 4. super CUTE. 5. quills will grow large enough to be less prickly… 6. comes when you call, esp for FOOD..and Measlies…7. you can have fun decorating their enclosures and also make into multi storey mansion with proper care on “stairs”…..etc. etc…..

@Reply: Yeah vet bills can easily add up super fast because all of a sudden the animal that you love is sick and you have nothing else to do other than to pay whatever cost to have them fixed. The idea of them suffering just kills you inside and you put that payment on a credit card and … BAM! All of a sudden your in debt. I think it’s a hit or miss on whether or not your hedgehog needs to go the vet though. Seems like it either is a hit or miss. I have one hedgie that has cost me thousands in vet bills and the other ones cost me nothing.