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With Alaska being in such a remote location of the U.S. there aren’t a lot of options for breeders right now. We are on the look out for reputable breeders in the state of Alaska so please help us.

Lucky for you, “Volcano View Hedgehogs” does a tremendous job shipping hedgehogs to locations such as Alaska. Volcano View is one of the best breeders available. If you have spent any time on the internet forums/groups.. it’s easy to see Jean (owner) knows her hedgehogs! Their reputable testimonials and huge fanbase don’t lie!




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Posted by Jamie N:
How much (plain, unseasoned, thoroughly deboned) Salmon should a hedgehog get at one setting?
Just a few bites? I give some to my dogs daily, for their skin & coats, I figure all those omegas must be good for hedgehogs, too…right? I live in Alaska, so, no, I’m not dropping hundreds of $ on the salmon, to do this; we just always have it on-hand. TIA!

@Reply: I usually do the 1-3 teaspoon count. Especially if it’s a chunky hog. It doesn’t seem like much to us, but they have pretty tiny stomachs. Just make sure it’s cooked thoroughly, but I’m sure you know that since you’re from Alaska xD!

Posted by Megan H:
At what temperature would you consider taking for hogglet out of the house in a carry sack? I have been wanting to for ages but im so hesitant. I have hand warmers..but im not sure and struggle with the thought since i’m in Alaska and I worry about him getting cold to the point my internal house temperature is about 72 degrees all the time..just in case his heater goes out. lol.

@Reply: 64f would be my lower limit for going outside i.e. taking them to the park for a walk in the grass.

@Reply: If we’re just going to, say my mom’s house, or a friends house, I’ll take them so long as it is over 50, and I have hand warmers. For a longer trip and errands, where we are in and out a lot more, 65+.

@Reply: lol well at that rate he’s never going out XD thats like our summer I have a heated garage (thanks mom and dad haha) and my heat works well in my car..I was thinking about going to petco with him and home hed really only be slightly out in the cold from the walk to the car into the store..but I should probably wait on that yeah? even with the walk being short?

@Reply: If he’s gonna be mostly in the car and you stuff some handwarmers in with him he’ll be fine.

@Reply: I crocheted a thick outside kinda covering for a snuggle sack, & then I have hand warmers, plus I’ll put my girl in my jacket so she’s not in a bag out in the cold for more time. & that’s when I’ll take her outside. If it’s below 20 degrees F I don’t even think about it though.

@Reply: Pretty rainy and miserable, infrequent snow storms,but mostly mild but cold. Where I am it’s been ~30f the whole winter. In the summer it can get up to ~85f but mostly stays in the 70s.

@Reply: i sure hope so! i got him late november so he’s just always been indoors. even when i picked him up i had my mom go with me im like mom TURN THE HEAT UP..I had his kennel wrapped in a big blanket the people at the shipping place were so sweet they brought him up front and had him near their foot heater XD thats the only time hes ever even come close to being outside haha i hope we have a good summer some are so yucky and rainy!

@Reply: it depends on where you are in the state..just a little farther north and it averages -40 and you never see sun for months haha I couldnt handle that nonsense.

Posted by Amy H:
Hey everyone! I have a hedgie named Culuk (Chu-luck). I am a college student and going to Alaska this summer for an internship. I desperately need someone who is familiar with hedgehogs to watch him while I’m gone. I have no one else that can or is familiar with these animals. I go to Western in Bellingham and my parents live in Edmonds so I can drive him to you around those areas if needed. I can also pay someone to take care of him, not much since I’m a college student but something. I leave June 15th and return August 15th. It would work better if he could stay at someone’s house because I am moving out of my house here in Bellingham. He will come with all his stuff including a playpen and toys if you want. It’s going to be his 1st birthday on August 18th so I hope I will get to celebrate it with him when I return. If anyone can help me please let me know ASAP!